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Neironix is ​​the first independent international rating agency to evaluate investment risk in the blockchain economy, where rating is assigned to the automation project on the subcomponent of the results of calculations, neural networks and analysis. multidimensional large amount of astronomical data. This platform is designed to further analyze and manage the typical hazards of projects that invest in high-level projects.

Neironix, which is a collection of financial analysis for the electronic money market, punishes and aggregates information into risk factors, understood for later use for ICO and blockchain projects.

The investment system in the chain system is not limited to any particular country or location and the ICO has changed the traditional way of investing called the IPO. In 2016 the potential ICO is about 96 million and in 2017 its potential coin market reaches 370 billion. This increase in investment is due to the interest of the people in the chain and only a few ICO companies meet the expectations of investors. Many start-up companies do not consider possible risks and lose everything in a common atmosphere. Due to the low funds set in the investment fund and the venture has curbed investment in cryptanalysis.


Neironix will act as a global aggregator for the cipher market that will convert cumulative information into risk elements that will be used to benchmark ICOs and block-based projects. It will use best practices to evaluate block chain projects based on 75 risk assessment factors through which investors will receive unbiased, unbiased investment strategies. Neironix is ​​designed to reduce the role of the experience evaluator and use algorithms to assess potential risks.

Neironix’s open and transparent approach to users and anyone allowed access to their key data will create confidence and make it easy for users to make informed decisions. Their beta is available where you can check the global list of ICOs, exchanges and other information regarding crypt currency. Their platform mobile apps are for Android and iOS users as well as for the desktop they’ve created the chrome extension.

The advantage makes Neironix stand out.

• Record history

• information transparency

• Neironix as the final product

• Unique team

• Neironix develops the standards of the cryptocurrency market

previous • time

• Online data analysis

• online tracking

Neironix ecosystem includes:

Neironix uses a toolkit – the flow of content and information indispensable to the poultry destruction ICO investment projects. The objects of Neironix are private and professional investors as well as ICO projects.

Neironix for private investors

• Results of the final evaluation, multi-dimensional scoring of ICO projects;

• Monitoring and reporting on ups and downs in a specific ICO project review;

• Supervision of the removal of road map obligations for each ICO project implemented;

• Awareness analysis of traditional and traditional media reports for each ICO project implemented;

• Prevalence index for electronic money and tokens;

• Analysis for financial markets;

• Access the financial transaction tracking notification system

Neironix for professional investors

• Results of the final evaluation, multi-dimensional scoring of ICO projects;

• Dynamic monitoring of risk factors and their impact on evaluation results;

• a flexible monitoring and notification system for deviations from acceptable risk levels for a specific ICO project;

• Supervision of the removal of road map obligations for each ICO project implemented;

• Analyze the capital structure for each ICO project at each stage of the sale;

• Analyze the key informant structure for each ICO project implemented;

• Awareness analysis of reports in traditional media and communications for each ICO project implemented;

• Monitoring the amount of pumping and volume that may occur for each ICO project is implemented;

• Calendar monitoring for co-ordinated and authenticated token lists;

• Prevalence index for electronic money and tokens;

• index and multiplier;

• Historical data and analysis for financial markets;

• Market evaluation and analysis;

• Analysis for traditional and traditional media;

• Structured data to prepare professional assessments

Neironix for ICO

• Project management at all stages of the project life cycle;

• Comparison with other ICO projects, classification of functions, implementation and conception;

• A complete checklist for ICO preparation;

• ICO scores;

• KYC verification of project stakeholders;

• ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;

• publication of press releases, reports and project news;

• Analytics for token bidding, cash flow notification for key token owners;

• Analytics for ad sources, automatically selecting sites for placements.

Neironix NRX Token ICO Details

ICO parameters

• Notification Icon: NRX

• Date of the token sale

• Token: 0.001061571 ETH

• Accepted payment method: Ethereum

• Total supply: 140 million NRX

• Token standard: ERC20

• Caps: $ 1,000,000

• Hard cover: 31 million dollars


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